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Spam Protection

Protect your Inbox from spam & viruses!

Benefits & Features...

SpamExperts can eliminate more than 99.98% of email spam, virus and malware email messages. Our own locally Cloud Hosted SpamExperts application is a self-learning smart technology that gives the end users the control to release emails that can be caught by our spam filter using a friendly-to-use web control panel.
Spam Experts

Up-to-date Spamfilter
SpamExperts is a self-learning system that stops spam and uses a wide range of heuristic algorithms on mail headers and body text to identify spam.
Be Protected From Virus & Malware
Emails are automatically scanned for threats like Phishing, Virus and Malware emails before the email is forwarded onto the users mailbox.
Never Lose Your Emails
Included in our local Cloud SpamExperts is redundant mail servers located around Australia and is used to store emails and forwarding them on to its destination.

Save Time & Resources
What can cost hours to read spam emails, SpamExperts can help save time and bandwidth by reducing the amount of spam emails from arriving in your Inbox.
Easy Intergration
SpamExperts can easily be intergrated into cPanel, allowing end users to access our SpamExperts web control panel to view and release quarantined emails.
Outbound E-Mail Filtering
Protecting your servers is important while being able to prevent your servers from being blacklisted when spam is sent from your server, saving you time delisting your servers IPs.

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Available 24 hours, 7 days by Support Tickets
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