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Equinix ME1 Melbourne Colocation

Connecting your business to our Cloud Network and to the Internet

More about Equinix ME1...

Equinix's ME1 facility is Melbourne's new hub for network carriers and peering networks. Equinix's ME1 facility provides the platform for us to help small and medium businesses to connect to our Cloud network, no matter where you are.

DC Equinix ME1 1 DC Equinix ME1 1
Equinix ME1 Data Centre in Port Melbourne
DC Equinix ME1 2 DC Equinix ME1 2
Equinix ME1 Colocation Facility
DC Equinix ME1 3
Equinix ME1 Data Hall showing Power Distribution Units
Datacentre Certifications

This data centre is undergoing audits for SSAE16 to receive certification for ISO or LEED.

Capacity of up to 2,000 Racks Minimum N+1 redundancy 5x 2.25 MVA 11 kV/415V transformers 24/7 onsite security personnel
5x 2.25 MVA Diesel Generators N+1 high efficiency water-cooled chillers 1x 11 kV Utility Feeder Biometric fingerprint security
3.5kVA/Cab Cooling Capacity 10x Primary UPSs each rated 100 kVA Minimum 24 hours onsite fuel supply Remote monitoring and control

Is Managed Colocation Right For You?

Backed by our Service Level Agreement, we deliver a 100% uptime guarantee. Exigent Australia can significantly minimise any downtime for your business when natural disasters or power outages happen. Our facility offers N+1 power redundant with a purpose built enterprise-grade network.

By utilising our network, customers are able to increase their bandwidth and scale up or down as needed. Customers can customise their solution based on their requirements and budget needs.
Lower Your Cost
When customers colocate their equipment in our data centres, customers are able to lower their cost by no longer having to maintain their own communications room. Our data centres provide the connectivity, power, cooling and level of security for our customers equipment at a faction of the cost.

Data Centres include a high level of security that involves biometric fingerprint scanning and swipe card access to be able to access the facility. Data Centres are also manned 24 hours, 7 days a week with CCTV security.

RU Space
Power Allocation
PDU Ports
IPv4 Allocation
Facility Access
1 RU
2 RU
4 RU
6 RU
10 RU
21 RU
42 RU
0.5 Amps
1.0 Amp
1.5 Amps
2.0 Amps
3.5 Amps
8.0 Amps
16.0 Amps
1x A + 1x B Feeds
1x A + 1x B Feeds
2x A + 2x B Feeds
5x A + 5x B Feeds
10x A + 10x B Feeds
20x A + 20x B Feeds
20x A + 20x B Feeds
/29 Allocation
/29 Allocation
/29 Allocation
/29 Allocation
/28 Allocation
/27 Allocation
/27 Allocation
1,500 GB
1,500 GB
2,500 GB
2,500 GB
4,000 GB
10,000 GB
10,000 GB
Escorted/Emergency Access
Escorted/Emergency Access
Escorted/Emergency Access
Escorted/Emergency Access
Escorted/Emergency Access
Full Access
Full Access
From $99.95 month Order Now
From $159.95 month Order Now
From $289.95 month Order Now
From $419.95 month Order Now
From $669.95 month Order Now
From $1499.95 month Order Now
From $2399.95 month Order Now

Data Plans

100GB Data $10.00 Per Month
200GB Data $20.00 Per Month
500GB Data $45.00 Per Month
1000GB Data $80.00 Per Month
2000GB Data $160.00 Per Month
3000GB Data $230.00 Per Month
4000GB Data $300.00 Per Month
5000GB Data $360.00 Per Month
10000GB Data $560.00 Per Month

Service Add-Ons

Escorted Access (During Business Hours) $25.00/Per 15 Minutes
Escorted Access (Outside Business Hours) $65.00/Per 15 Minutes
Swipe Card Access (Included in 21RU and 42RU Plans) $15.00month
Additional VLAN (With /30 IPv4 Allocation) $15.00month
Additional Network Port (Without /30 IPv4 Allocation) $10.00month
Additional PDU $25.00month
Cross Connect (Fiber/Ethernet connection) CALL

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Available 24 hours, 7 days by Support Tickets
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