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Cloud Storage

Storing and accessing your data from the cloud

File Storage

File Storage

Storing your personal and work documents in the cloud has never been easier. Always be able to access your data securely no matter where you may be.
Secure Connection

Secure Connection

Our Cloud Hosted Storage includes Enterprise-Class security features that helps you to connect to our private network or our Hosted Desktop solution.


Our Managed Cloud solution protects your data from ending in a disaster. Our Cloud experts can quickly and efficiently restore your data when the worst happens.

  • Overview
  • How It Works
  • How To Order

Cloud File Storage

  • Reliable


    We will always ensure that your data (including your word, excel and powerpoint documents, audio and development files) is always available so you can access, no matter where you may be.

  • Fast

    Whether it's accessing your data through a local PC, a laptop or from a mobile device, be able to quickly and efficiently access your data anywhere, anytime and through our secure private network.

  • Easy to Use

    Be able to securely access and manage your data directly through our Private Network using your local desktop applications or through our Hosted Desktop services in our on-premises share.

  • Pay As You Grow

    As your storage requirements grow, be able to increase your file storage space by upgrading to any of our cloud storage plans or contact our Sales Team and discuss a customised plan with us.

  • Storage Backup

    We're ready to quickly restore your data from a disaster recovery when the worse happens. Cloud data is continuously backed up securely and is also monitored and managed by our Cloud experts.

Private & Secure Connection Business Storage Space Personal Storage Space Protected by TrendMicro Local 24x7 Support
Private & Secure
Storage Space
Storage Space
Protected by
Local 24x7

How It Works

Cloud Storage provides you and your business the ability to store your files and media within our data centres around Australia and can be accessible through our private network and our Hosted Desktop services. Accessing your data is easy and you can store as many files are you want.

Hosted Desktop

Connecting to our secured Hosted Desktop service lets you work directly from the cloud on any device where we will provide you with the applications you need to access your data from the Cloud.
Private Network Access

Connecting to our secured Private Network lets you work directly from your desktop using your very own applications. You can access your file and save them directly to the Cloud.

One location for all your documents


Increase your business productivity with accessing and sharing your data securely with your staff inside the Cloud.


Our managed Cloud solution delivers the proven infrastructure and advanced features you need for Cloud computing.

How To Order

Contact our Sales Team today and discuss how we can help you get connected to our Hosted Desktop.

Your contact details are kept private and will only be used to contact you about your enquiry.

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